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에세이 샘플 - 영화학
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에세이- 영화학

Applicant name: Hong, Kil Dong
Applying for : Fall, 2000
What is the movie for me? Why do I need to get involved in the movie? It was the movie that kept my vulnerable soul from the evil to the very end when I dreamed of the death losing the meaning of life several years ago. During that time, I asked aforementioned questions to myself and I was able to get an answer only too easily. The movie is the meaning of my life and the reason for being myself. The movie has been a true friend to help me grow up with pure soul and not to get involved in the evil spirit in troubled water. In addition, it has been the teacher who taught me every single wisdom to do the right thing in life. It was the happiest moment to watch movies in my whole life. Accordingly, I realized it should be my lifetime mission to make films and get engaged in the movie from the bottom of my heart. At that time, I decided to be movie-related personnel for the rest of my life. Since young, I was able to watch a lot of movies due to parents who loved movies. I was always there where the classics of Hollywood played the weekend TV program and the silent movie of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. That is, where there was a movie, I was always there. In this context, I grew up with a movie a part of my life, learning lots of things in the movies, which I was not able to learn in the school. As a matter of fact, I had made notebooks describing my own evaluation on the movies by the time when I entered a high school. As far as I remember, more than 2,000 movies were assessed by my own standard. Now that the 'xxx’ that I majored in the college was not to my taste, I was rather engrossed in the movie by joining the club called 'xxx’. I spent most of my college days in watching and discussing numerous movies. Through this club activity, I was able to have better eyes for the move and felt stronger desire for making films in person. In the spring of 19xx, after retirement of army service, I decided to study movies by transferring to the American College. For one thing, I made every effort to raise my poor GPA with integrity. In 19xx, I was away from the school because of preparation for studying overseas. After all, I entered the 'xxx Academy’ in March 19xx as an alternative. The school is basically a private film school with one-year course. When it comes to the courses that the school provides, there is a theoretical lecture on the production process of video film and two times of practical training in the course called 'Video production practice' (3/22-7/5). One was the M/V work in the theme of Seoul, the capital of Korea. I tried to depict the complicated modern city, Seoul as calm and beautiful city in the title of 'Pink Champagne(in Seoul)”in an effort to attract those who have never been to Seoul. As far as I am concerned, it was the first work of art. Actually, it was enjoyable and fruitful work although it left a lot to be desired. The other was the work of making video clip portraying the person who lives in Seoul. In the film, I reflect myself on a movie buff in a funny way. For my part, it was the first work with a story. Even though the film was not far from the perfect due to extremely unfavorable condition of shooting, it let me know the real pleasure of making films in the sense that I did it all by myself. In the class of ‘The practice of movie production’ (7/14~12/22), I practiced 16mm film 100ft twice. One was the practice of 5 cut based on directing and shooting with two personnel per team. I played a role of screenplay and shooting as well. I made trial and error several times due to the lack of experience. But it was worthwhile to work on the film for the first time. The other was the practice of 100ft with 4 personnel per team without any limitation of the number of cut. The team was composed of two directors and one person in charge of lighting. I played a part of co-directing in the second practice. I was able to realize the importance of lighting since it was the first practice utilizing the lighting in the film. In the similar vein, I found myself growing as a moviemaker on a gradual basis. I am currently working on the 16mm film 400ft practice with 6 personnel in my team. I work together with my colleagues on screenplay as long as 5-6 minutes as well as directing of the film. The film will come out in the late of December after the final touch of latter part. On the other hand, I joined the class of ‘An introduction to the movie’ covering various movie theories including history of world movie (3/24~7/7). Moreover, I participated in the class called ‘The film shooting’ dealing with the way of 16 mm camera walking 16mm and overall film work (3/26~9/3) in a consequent manner. In addition, I am now working on the ‘Aesthetics of movie’ (7/12~10/4), which aims at analyzing and comprehending the structure of the movie, ‘The music of the movie: Sound and Rhythm’ (9/10~12/24), which covers the music of the movie and sound dubbing, and ‘The practice of Scenario’ (10/11~1/17), which is a systematic study on the scenario as of now. I shall have finished one-year course if I make a graduation work from December this year to March next year. I have yet to finish all courses but I believe that 7 months of courses will serve as stepping stone for my film career in that I get directly engaged in the production process of movie making, getting away from the passive way of enjoying movies. The primary reason I decided to study in the U.S. is to experience the diversity of American movies in person. The American films have been the center of worldwide movie industry due to the huge capital, advanced technology, and qualified moviemakers. I believe that these kinds of well- equipped environments serve as main driving force that sustain excellent independent films as well as commercial films. If I get trained systematic studies on the movie under this sort of circumstances, my perimeter of movie will be enlarged and flourished. The movie should reflect the deep understanding of human beings in order to touch the audience in their heart as well as to leave great impression on them. Furthermore, it can make positive effects on every individual life. In the same context, I would like to make these kinds of movies. I hope to hand down unforgettable impression and lessons to the other people, especially children by making terrific film.

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