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에세이 샘플 - 컴퓨터 그래픽
euhak  2005-09-23 00:51:12, 조회 : 6,107, 추천 : 29

에세이-컴퓨터 그래픽


I believe that design is a way of expressing myself. Some numerous things that exist in the world display and express themselves every moment. I ask myself who I am and how and with what I can display and express myself. There are various ways of expressing oneself such as by action, voice and writing. As a way of expressing myself, I chose design and it is the reason that I exist in this world. Through design, I would like to express myself and decided to study abroad to express myself in a broader environment. From the influence of my parents who are deeply interested in painting and photography, I was able to be in touch with various artistic works since childhood. In my childhood, I was interested in paintings of Picasso, Botticelli and Kllit and I came to choose my path in art. After two years of studying Industrial Design at xxx University, I transferred to xxx University as a sophomore to deepen my knowledge in the field of Industrial Design. Five years of my college life was such a significant period for me to establish my philosophy of design. Design that I started by curiosity at first became the work that I would pursue for rest of my life after five years. Times at xxx University provided me the knowledge that I was able to realize the concept of design. Even though it was merely two years that I have learned there, I earned the solution of what design is and the desire of continuing my study. After I transferred to xxx University as a sophomore, I started from the basics of design. In my junior year, I was able to approach to the realistic design that I pursued by more profound study. Though I had difficulties with completing works due to the tough courses that required many materials, it was a great opportunity for me to experience various designs such as Visual Design, Product Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design and Interior Design. In my senior year, I selected the musical instrument as a subject for my final work for the graduation. My design was inspired from music, literature and film and I tried to express them as an innovative style. Emotions such as delicacy, palpitation, anger and power that I was earned from music, literature or film were expressed through design, which is the new form of expression. I decided to express my feeling of music into design and was able to accomplish the most distinguished work during my college years from nine months of pain. Through the process of nine months, my passion of design became bigger and I came to dream of the broader world. In spring of 19xx, as I started to work at the newsweekly called 'xxx’ as a editing designer after graduating college, I jumped into the real world of design. During this period, I realized that designers have potentiality to even change the society. While working there, I developed not only design skills but also the vision of face to the society correctly. However, I always had some feeling that I lack of something in my mind. My desire to be in the broader world became bigger and I decided to express myself in such world. I was interested in design schools in America from college. After I decided to study abroad in America, I mainly searched colleges located in urban or suburban areas since I was attracted by the fact that there are various exhibitions relating to design. Furthermore, there were many other elements that were attractive enough such as the geographical advantage, the school policy that builds realistic and creative artists and the prestigious reputation of school in the field of art such as Photography, Painting, and Computer Graphics. Currently, I prepare for the new start at the starting line to build upon my knowledge and skills of design. Studying abroad is not only a preparation to broaden myself but also to obtain the new sense of design in 2000.

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