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에세이 샘플 - 그래픽 디자인
euhak  2005-09-23 00:53:28, 조회 : 8,751, 추천 : 21

에세이-그래픽 디자인


I strongly believe that a great designer can manifest great culture. To become a true designer, one should be in harmony with the mass and become a representative designer of that era, rather than becoming an aesthetic art designer with only lustrous techniques. When I was in school encountering design for the first time, I assumed at first that I would have satisfaction with the final design from my hard effort, however I came to realize that there are trial and errors to design. Nonetheless, from my diverse experience as a designer in a design agency, as a research assistant at a design institution, and as a graduate student, I realized that design, which cannot deliver the real message to people, could only deliver virtual image to people. In order to create a design that delivers its’ true message, I should have broad knowledge in many areas of culture, such as society, economy, history, and art. It was during college that I had the chance to travel all over Europe and come in contact with unique characteristics of each countries’ culture. From cultural diverseness that I have experienced in these European countries, I realized that I could not undergo such valuable cultural experience in Korea. In order to become a successful and a mature designer, instead of living satisfactorily in a small world, I needed to spread my wings into a broad world. In particular, I would like to major in Computer Graphics in America, which is closely related to the scope of multimedia, such as the Internet that is rapidly increasing in the 21st century. Therefore, computer graphics is becoming consistent with the culture under the mass of people. I have come to treasure each unique culture of different race in the broad world. I also hope to have great experience of culture and design in an American environment, which has a life of great harmony. Because of my great interests in art ever since I had been a child, I had participated in many activities in art classes until high school. When I entered the xxx University, College of Art, I first encountered graphic design. In college, I led group activities called xxx (Graphic Design in xxx) as a representative in the art department, and opened the xxx exhibition continuously. I participated in many national design competitions. I was also awarded with many prizes such as `xx Seoul xxx Competition, Oct 25. 19xx, `xx Korean xxx Competition, Dec xx.19xx, `xx Seoul xxx Competition Nov 20. 19xx, `xx National Collection held by xxx ‘Biennale Association, May 28.19xx, `xx The xth Korea xxx Award, Oct 26.19xx. Upon graduation, I was employed in xxx design company as a designer and I learned practical working skills from many design work such as Emblem, Mascot Design for the xth xxx Championships `xx(Aug.19xx), Emblem, Poster Design for the xxnd xxx province Sports Games Festival(Jun.19xx),Emblem, Design for xxx Culture Festival (May.19xx), Symbol, Logo Design for xxx mutual saving’s & finance Co.(Oct. 19xx), Symbol, Logo, Poster and Information Book Design for xxx City Museum (May. 19xx). In order to continue my studies more profoundly in this field, I entered the xxx University Graduate School of Design with a major in brand packaging design. While I was studying and applying brand identity to packaging design, I presented my thesis and participated in many exhibitions through xxx Forum (xxx Forum) activities. During my college life, because I had been assigned to be a research assistant in the Institute of xxx in xxx University, I performed many diverse tasks such as brochure design for the Institute of xxx, xxU(Aug.19xx), planning for xxx University Students’ work exhibition in xxU (Nov.19xx), planning for xxx Forum Seminar in xxU (Nov. 19xx), and assisting the xxx Project of Korea (Dec.19xx-Jan 20xx present). I also received an MFA degree for my thesis titled, ‘xxx’ I also took time to study computer graphics in xxx School. From my studies in college and design research, I began to have great interests in computer graphics, which was a bright prospect for the 21st century with its’ great potential to explore into broader scope. I am applying to your college, not only because of the prestige in computer graphics, but also to study more profoundly and gain experience in design and diverse culture to excel in my future world of design.

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