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에세이 샘플 - 텍스타일 디자인
euhak  2005-09-23 00:50:42, 조회 : 5,882, 추천 : 28

에세이- 텍스타일 디자인

Buddhist art is the field that I am most interested in art. During my college years, I was very satisfied with learning Buddhist art. It is an ancient art that represents Korea besides the fact that it is a religious art. As the art based on the subject of the bible was flourished until the Renaissance had introduced in western societies, Buddhist art of Korea is the art that has been maintained from the ancient times before oriental art was introduced. Through learning this ancient art, I always have desired to apply such traditional Korean art into the modern art. Buddhist art requires much effort and time; for small pieces of work, it merely takes one to two months, but constant effort and endurance that enables to complete it despite spending more than a year are essential for large pieces of work. Since one uses natural dyes that are produced by himself/herself in Buddhist art, colors are quite profound that cannot be seen from the modern art. The theme of Buddhist art comes from the preaching of Buddha and paintings mainly deal with individuals such as Buddha, Buddhist saint and Buddha’s disciples. Since each individual wears different cloths, colors and shapes are differed by the person. For four years of studying Buddhist art and painting the clothes and shapes, I came to realize that I would like to express these shapes by applying into living necessaries such as modern textures and vessels. Having been interested in fashion since childhood, I wanted to express Buddhist art of Korea into the fashion. Therefore, I decided to study abroad to build upon my specific goal. After finishing with my sophomore year, I attended the language program for one year at xxx and audited classes at xxx located in Chicago. While there, I learned who I am and my future from the different culture with various people that I could not obtain in Korea. Even though I was planning to start studying the field that I would like to pursue in America, I came back to Korea due to the fact that I realized that I needed to study more about Korean culture before leaning and adopting the new American culture. Yet, I need to study more about the combination of Buddhist art and the fashion, however, I decided to study abroad since I came to believe that fabric styling offered by xxx is essential for me to study eventually. In my family, there are father, mother, elder brother and myself. My father studied journalism in college and currently works at xxx, largest company in Korea. In spite of his busy work in Public Relations division that covers the whole corporation, he teaches students at college since eight years ago. My mother is one of those common homemakers. However, she is the one who constantly pursues something. Studying in Museum College, she wants to maintain her studying of languages. My parents have a great fond of reading and it naturally made me familiar and close with reading books since childhood. I am not quite sure since when exactly I have been interested in painting. However, it is sure that paintings have always been with me. Although I liked to paint with yellow since it was my favorite color, I do not like yellow now as much as I did before. Anyway, I recollect that yellow is the color that inspired me to be interested in painting. In elementary school, I won a number of prizes from various painting contests and participated in the painting club since the fifth grade. As I went to middle school, I stopped painting. It was from the recommendation of my parents that they wanted to show me there are many different paths that I can pursue in my life since I was too obsessed with painting. Since then, I started to learn about Buddhism and Korean Buddhist temples through visiting renowned temples with my parents. Experiences from the Buddhist culture and temples through this period deepened my desire of painting. I was particularly interested in various shapes in Buddhism and sumptuous Buddhist paintings rather than the conceptual side of Buddhism and started to paint again as soon as I went to high school. In high school, I digressed from choosing my major for college. Art itself was too broad and there were various fields in it. While I was not sure about what I had in my mind, I came to know about Buddhist art major offered by department of art at xxx University. As the only major in Korea that teaches Buddhist art, there were courses that provide theoretical knowledge along with the practical knowledge. I was also able to learn about other various related fields such as painting, oriental painting, drawing and sculpture. Being interested in archeology since a long ago, I chose this major without a doubt and believe that it was a right decision from aspects of my qualification and interest. From now, I would like to enhance my knowledge to achieve my future goal; I am going to devote my life in the work of applying Buddhist art into the fashion design and confident that xxx is the most suitable place for me to make my dreams real.

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