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Applicant name: Hong, Kil Dong
Applying for : Fall, 2000

As a small child who likes to draw, I was greatly inspired by the autography of Leonard DaVinchi that my father brought to me. His paintings and numerous sketches along with the philosophy that was beyond the era came to me as a shock in my childhood and I always carry them in my heart. Having a desire to be like him in this era, I painted them over and over. Then, I chose to pursue my career in the field of art to achieve my goal. After presenting a few illustrations to the school paper during my high school years, my skill became recognized in the field of illustrations and caricatures. Especially, the most memorable moment was when I drew caricatures and illustrated in ‘From Hanla Mountain to Baekdoo Mountain’, an autobiography of Park Myunghwan, the member of the National Assembly in Korea. After I became a college student at the Department of Painting of xxx University, I was mainly concentrating on the field of painting. In the meantime, there was a turning point in my life as I participated in the club called 'xxx', the study of art in socialism. Through this club, I was able to understand the dialectic way of thinking from two different aspects that I have not experienced in culture and society. In 'xxx’, the movie mania club, I came to view other fields of art besides the pure drawing through the basic element of integrated art media that reflects the society and the attractiveness of films. As my club activities became more significant in my life, my interest about pure art that was somewhat secluded turned to the communication art that I was able to communicate with the society through the contact with others. However, there were huge conflict and difficulties in my mind about such thought and I decided to go to the army after two years of college life. Through the comic book that I completed while I was in the army with the form of a picture diary about my army life called ‘Seek for Hiding Pictures’, I became satisfied with my composition of comics and something that I could not obtain from the pure drawing. My passion about comics and illustrations was deepened and after the army, I organized the comics club of xxx University called xxx. While being a leader of xxx, I made the motto of pursuing an idealistic society by dealing with contradictions of the society through the communication art of comics and illustrations and created pieces of work in the field of short comics, characters, illustrations and caricatures. While innovating some characters or images, it seemed that I totally flowed into the world, and the satisfaction when showing them to others was somewhat different from the simple creation. For me, it was the confirmation that I breathe with the society through the element of drawing and about the existence that I was able to contribute something for this society. Meanwhile, through the discussion with the Professor xxx, currently the head of Korea xxx Association and the advisor of xxx, I earned various advices about comics and illustrations. His advice that I have a composition of picture ability, ability of drawing a human body, and sense of perceiving colors that are distinguished form others but these strength can also be my weakness that I cannot observe other materials as others do came to me as such a shock. Most of all, he pointed that the lack of my systematic knowledge in the field of comics and illustrations and inexperience were great obstacles for me to build upon my skills. Through the sincere recommendations from various people and my considerations, I decided to study abroad to enhance my skills and gain a better understanding in the field that I pursue my career in a better environment that I am able to learn more. Thank you.

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