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euhak  2005-09-23 00:52:27, 조회 : 6,191, 추천 : 33



Pencil and paper. Perhaps for almost twenty years, these two things have provided the outlet for my desire to endlessly confirm my existence. But even as I am producing hundreds and thousands of drawings, the issue that always remains unresolved is with how much established concept I can express my past and my present within a free open space with my talent and imagination, beyond the techniques I learned in college. During my college life, which was too narrow and stifling for me to express the experiences and knowledge I have gained, I had come to feel that I needed more different experiences, and answers to the question “What is it that I really want to do?” For this reason, I traveled in Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States for about a year in 19xx, when I was in college, seeing and experiencing each country’s tradition, civilization and progress. This period was the time that I began to aspire toward and plan my dream of becoming an interior designer and going to study in the United States. I am now convinced that studying in America will be my work’s turning point and will provide a valuable foundation. Also, I have no doubt that my drawing talent I will enable to complete my studies in interior design in superior fashion. When I was little I had to do a lot of household chores for my mother, who was a working woman; and because of this, in my printing works, which was my major, I utilized traditional women’s articles, trinkets, and accessories as feminist expressions of my work. Until I finished high school, when I was alone I spent most of my time in artistic campus group activities, and entering over 30 art contests, I received award certificates in most of them. The art of printing, which began to gain popularity in Korea only in the 1990’s, was still new to me when I was in high school, but at the encouragement of my art teacher, who had the biggest influence in my world of art, I chose printing as my major. In 19xx, I enrolled in the printing department of xxx School of Fine Arts, which was at the time considered the most promising fine arts junior college in Korea, and began working in the printing medium in earnest, and was busy learning copperplate printing, lithography, and silk screens. In my junior year, I worked as the main printer in the empty office of my professor, who is known even to the general public as a print artist, and started on the road to becoming an artist. At the time, a few of my works were sold to an interior design company called “xxx ”, and thanks to my ties with this company I began having a great deal of interest in interior design work. Interior design, which can be thought of as working with a large space, fascinated me immensely, and I think this is when I started harboring dreams of becoming an interior designer. After returning from travels overseas in 19xx, I gathered up my works, which had never been exhibited publicly, and entered them in contests. I wanted to put my previously unmarketed works — that is, my artistic talent — to the test. The result was special mention in the xxx Association contest, second prize in the xxx contest, selection in the xxx contest, and second prize in the xxx Contest, respectively. But I could not be satisfied with this, and I could not escape the feeling that there is still something lacking in what I wanted to accomplish. It was my dream of becoming an interior designer. The reason for my choosing your school is because of the many materials on foreign studies, and also because I was persuaded by my seniors who came back from foreign studies. To be able to study in your school, where a small number of talented people have assembled, would in itself be good fortune for me. The fact that one-on-one guidance by professors is possible because of the small class size is what I consider most important. But above everything else, your school’s policy of educating innovative and creative artists, and a work environment that supports this, won me over. I have high hopes that I would be able to unleash my artistic talents through exchanges with the many different artists currently enrolled in your school.

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