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euhak  2005-09-23 00:52:58, 조회 : 6,399, 추천 : 25


Hong, Kil Dong (architecture) Applying for Fall, 2000 It was just a pile of soil. As far as I am concerned, however, it turned out more than just soil. It was the very hot summer day when I was just a nine years old. At the very day, my friend and I newly found an empty space near a brook a little far from our village. It was exactly the spot where we tried to find to enjoy ourselves. There were “the soil”, as we called, “sticky brown” because of its color. Before my friend and I found the lot, our main items to enjoy were toys or plastic assembling kits - already produced by others. But everything has changed since the very day. House, car, airplane... we could make anything although they were very rough. When the soil added to some water could be formed to a small brick like matter after sun tanning. We made many miniature buildings and houses. It didn’t take long for us to be soil masters. We really loved sticky brown and the freedom as well. My friend even swallowed “sticky brown” because he loved it too much, which leaded him to end up having an operation for appendicitis. During that time, I realized how joyful it was to create something. The happy days lasted until the excavation was started to build a construction there. The sticky brown has gone and so has my childhood. But the memory of the summer has not. At the end of high school, I decided to pursue my goal in college with architecture as my major. As a matter of fact, the school life was as interesting as my childhood. I could enjoy the programs and was able to meet various subjects and people whose ways of thinking were very different one another in extra curricular activities. The time was very helpful for me to learn how to see objets from the perspective that others have. More opportunities came to me through x years in two architectural design firms. For the days, I could meet a variety of projects and so could diverse people including structural, mechanical, electric engineers and landscape architects. Especially, the chance to work with a landscape architect who studied in the U.S. led me to see how a building formed a relationship with its surroundings. Now, I recognize that architectural process is not just technique but also the matter of social skill which requires the great responsibilities and the clear understandings of our surroundings. And I also consider that architectural work is the way of positive compromising human’s innate condition and acquired environments. The country I live in , is on the process of development, doesn’t seem to consider an architecture as a part of the whole surroundings that much. Under this situation, architecture without little consideration of surroundings can not be a proper creation but can be another kind of destruction. Here, I find a strong reason to have further understandings of architecture and its environments through advanced and composite studies well tied with other corresponding areas at your school.I am sure someone’s conception functions as recognition resulted from his or her surroundings and similarly, to have a tendency to be fixed in itself if further information is not provided. I don’t want to confine myself to the tendency. I believe that an originality can have more value when it is compared with objective factors that are more important than ever. Otherwise, it can be just a provincialism. This is another main reason I want to study at your school and to fill myself with more diverse thoughts and views of architecture. For many years I could rarely meet architects who have balanced attitude towards architecture. Some of them were too commercial while others were too imaginary. I know they make architecture quite biased and inefficient. I want your school to give me the time to experience well-established education and to obtain more balanced thoughts of architecture so that it can help me to be an architect who has the subjectivity and objectivity which supersede any extremes. In addition, I would like to share my experiences with other colleagues serving as another source of diversities at your school.

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